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I have a 2018 Toyota Tundra XP SR5 that I had a leveling kit installed at another facility here in the county which included front wheel alignment (as it should be). I picked up my truck and just by visual inspection alone, It looked "off". There was too much positive camber just by looking at it. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt since quite a few people told me that they do good business. As soon as I drove off the lot, The truck was making erratic movements especially drifting to the right. Now I know in Florida, the roads have crowns to prevent flooding and it would cause most vehicles to veer slightly to the right when you let the steering wheel go. But this was different, it was unsteady at best. Now, I'm the type of person that doesn't like to stir things up. Since they told me they outsourced their alignment I didn't wanna take it back to them. So I took it upon myself to just bring it to a big franchise Tire place to get my alignment done. They told me that it wasn't even close to being in the right spec to be able to drive without issues and gave me a print out of the new spec numbers (all in the green zone). BUT, After they supposedly fixed the problem, it persisted. Although I admit that it was less. I took it back to them to re-adress it. They told me that they could not figure it out. So finally, at the recommendation of a friend, I took it to Nick at ACA. I showed him the print out and Nick told me what was exactly wrong with my truck, scheduled a day that week and $87.00 later, got it done and did it right. This time, rock solid steering and only mild crown-induced drift (normal for our roads). Thanks to Nick and the ACA crew for a job well-done! You'll have my business from here on out.l
Pete Andanar Navarro
Good honest work. Can't beat their pricing or their atmosphere. Nick and Tim do whatever it takes to get things done. My mom lives in Citrus County and this is the only shop I trust her to go to. Two other shops told her the motor in her truck was blown and they showed her that it was two misfiring spark plugs, a burnt coil and a little low on oil. A 4500$ repair down to a few hundred dollars. Best damn shop in Citrus County.
Sean Seibert
We were beyond lucky to find this place. Our brakes basically went out after driving to Crystal River from the east coast of Florida. We found All County Automotive on Google and talked to Tim. We took our truck in and were quickly assured they would do their best. And boy did they! Not only were the brakes fixed, they were fixed quickly (in about 24 hours) and at an extraordinarily reasonable price. And their customer service was beyond what one could hope... We needed a ride back to the Plantation and when we talked about calling a cab, Tim insisted on driving us back. What a relief to find this place and what a bigger relief to find kind, honest people who helped us salvage our vacation.
Robin Cee
These guys are awesome, my truck just got out the shop, had a bad hop and they diagnosed it and had it fixed before the end of the day. Nick is one of the best mechanics in citrus, whatever you need you have it here!
Rhys Fenech

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